Monday, June 30, 2008

Technological Innovation

Christmas 1997 I asked for a modem, which I had heard was a machine that brought rumors about Star Wars into the home. "A modem? Whaddaya need that for?" my dad asked. "I've read about them, and really, I don't thing we need that." Our family had never been on the frontier of progress--our first computer had been an Atari ST purchased off a family selling everything to become truckers--but I was pretty sure he was incorrect.

So now, here is my blog, a good four or five years after I should have started one. I can't say how often this will get updated, but it'll probably be more often than the real website. And now you'll have something else in those months between paintings. I won't bother listing updates to this page on, but I'll post here when I've updated the main site. I think this thing has an RSS feed, so that's one more way to know when there's new art and whatnot.