Wednesday, January 21, 2009

SVU and I are going steady

I realized there was one Valentine I hadn't released as a folding card (Capt. Cragen), so I drew up four new images, and now there's a new set of five SVU cards, available here. There's a slight discount if you buy all three sets, and all Valentine orders will be sent Priority mail in the US (2-3 day delivery).

Sometimes I think maybe I'm running this "Law & Order" thing into the ground, but you know what? Fuck that, I love "Law & Order" so darn much. And Bob Saget probably needed to find his way into my ouvre somehow.

I've also added prints of this old GI Joe/Guernica bit of silliness:

I don't really know how I feel about this one. It was a commission, and I don't really like directly referencing famous art (too easy of a joke). But other people seem to like it, so here it is.

The poster/shirt megasale is still going on, and I've knocked a few dollars off mini-prints, too. And here's a link to Valentine art prints, since I'd semi-vertantly let that disappear for a while.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bigfoot Sightings

Several years ago I visited my sister when she and her husband still lived in the Ballard section of Seattle. She took me to a little breakfast-y diner place (Aunt Hattie's? Something like that).

Dana: Once Andy and I saw some famous actor here. I wish I could remember what his name was.


Dana: Hey Andy, what was the name of that actor we saw? Dinglebert Pimplypuss?

Andy: Ray Liotta.


Here is a list of all the vaguely famous people I've seen in the wild this past year:

1) Veronica Mars (almost smashed into her at the post office)

2) John Landis (three separate sightings in three separate cities)

3) Darius McCrary (buying cases of water at Ralphs at 1:00 am)

4) Ray Park (with his family at the Burbank Toys R Us, immediately after I put down a Darth Maul figure thinking, "God, what a horrible likeness!")

5) Lewis Black (screaming into cell phone)

6) Warren Beatty and Annette Bening and their many children (sat behind us at a sushi place).

7) Seth Green (twice because some pals work on his show, once at an art show, once at a crazy Halloween party. Each time I get the stink eye).

8) John Francis Daley (again, this is a cheat because I was visiting my friend who works on "Bones")

9) Seth Rogen (leaving comic store)

10) Deidrich Bader (entering comic store)

11) Harry Hamlin (came into the AM/PM, browsed snacks, left with a look of extreme disappointment)

In conclusion, it is fun when you see people you recognize from the TV.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Steals

To clear some space and gear up for moving, I'm putting all my posters and t-shirts on sale through the 15th. I've got a restock on Devitomon and Crimefighters shirts coming in about a week, in case you don't see your size right now.

I'm also putting certain prints of all last year's new paintings (Sir Ian, Nat, Mr. Noodle, Pax, Spidey, Hoffman) on sale. 2008 was three or four times more productive for me than 2007, and my goal for '09 is to push it over the top, rip it up, take it to the x-treme, and so forth.