Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Human Adventure is Just Beginning

I have a wacky interview up at

This month has been crazy and weird and scary. I went to New York and saw some of my more favorite people whom I hadn't seen in a while:

(Doyle signs alongside legendary comics legend Rob Liefeld)

(Alexa, confused man, me)

(Here's a link to Nick's drawings)

I also upgraded from my dank Valley apartment and to a superenormous loft headquarters:

I'm still unpacking and getting things in order. Here's my pal Brad sticking some daylight-balanced fluorescents to the ceiling:

2008 caught me off gaurd, in that my best laid plans actually worked out and I ended up making a very respectable and grownup amount of money. I realized, "Wait, maybe this art thing is not a hobby, or a sideline, or something that's going to just dry up. Maybe I should actually invest in having the light and space to get things done."

Having said that, and done that, I am now of course terrified at having raised my rent and expenses so dramatically. I'm not really sure what the correct response is right now (for the world or myself), but I'm pretty sure doing nothing and slowly crenating is the wrong choice. Getting to work and making new stuff seems like the way to go.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New York City's War on Crime

To Dana in the comments who asked for some Noth, here's a sketch from long ago of Logan and his pixie-partner:

I totally forgot that I was going to the New York comic-con this Friday and Saturday. I won't be signing or anything, but if you hunt me down, I will give you a Valentine. Hint: I look like the guy in that box over there.