Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Those updates of which I spoke

Here's the first:

He's my entry in "Nonpareil," a toy & sculpture show in Nederland, CO opening July 4th. I had a friend who works on "Robot Chicken" cast a few duplicate heads for me, for when I want to make Ninja Fury Lennie Briscoe, Lava Explorer Lennie Briscoe, etc. Maybe I will try sanding down his nose a bit next time (I was just amazed I sculpted something human, let alone vaguely Lennie-like).


Ming Doyle said...

I want Arctic Hoedown Lennie Briscoe!

Matthew Awesome said...

I'm so happy you have a blog now... I've wanted to tell you for AGES how awesome I think your artwork is.

Lennie looks great- I'd propose a Munch follow-up, but he already looks too much like Ghost Rider in the whole emanating smoke, how-is-he-still-alive sort of way.

David Schoonover said...

So good! Out of curiosity, did you write the copy here?


"other tv/movie/celebrity -stupor- super-stars" doesn't really sound like you.

bbird said...

Nope (to Dave). That first part I think is a re-writing of an old bio, but it is clearly out of date by mention of the late Saturn.