Monday, October 27, 2008

The Magazine of Gary Burghoff

I have an illustration in the newest (and, wtf, possibly last ever) print issue of RADAR, for an article on the de-volution of the leading man, from Cary Grant to Seth Rogen. I feel a little bad, since the point is that Seth Rogen is a big fat slob, but I saw him in real life a few weeks ago and he is actually quite trim and svelte.

Here is Rock Hudson, and you can see the other portraits by finding a RADAR with Shannon Doherty on the cover and turning to page 42:

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Warhol Superstar said...

Eh, don't feel bad. I understand what they're saying (of course, I haven't read the article-- I'm just going off of yr brief description), & I tend to agree w/ them. I mean, as far as 'leading men' go, give me Rock any day of the week. I mean, Magnificent Obsession...Pillow Talk...McMillan & Wife.... Sheer brilliance!

--- E

PS: I love yr rendering of Mr. Hudson....