Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I made a new painting, "The Darkness and the Light:"

If you're thinking, "Hey, that would make a swell greeting card to send my friends and family," well then you sir or ma'am are in luck.

A neat trick for creating darkness and night is to paint full-value/daylight, let that dry, then cover it with a layer of sticky black and use a rag to rub out the highlights and midtones. You get lots of little subtle transitions, but unfortunately a lot of that doesn't always show up in a digital file. Perhaps you will just have to see the painting in person at my solo show in Los Angeles August 11, 2009.

I've added a bunch of other products to the site, too. The full listing (I think) is: Noam Chomsky posters, Cone Dog posters, restock on SVU Valentines, lil' Devitomon prints, Zugzwanged! prints, Bob Ross surf dog prints, Teshh!! prints, X-Files prints, and some cheaper/smaller prints of things that used to be only big (Jen Sisko, King of the Cage, Two Warriors, Jabba, a mini Bajor set), and a few bigger things that used to come only small (Norton by Bird, giant Crimefighters).

A lot of these are standard frame sizes, like 11" x 14", meaning if you bought one you wouldn't need to then spend a bunch on a custom frame job. In general, I tried to add items that are more affordable but still smack of value. Is that the way to go? I always want to hear input about what kinds of things are missing from the store, what could be better, etc.