Monday, January 4, 2010

"Isn't there music within you?"


jesus satan said...

that is one serious dude.

Alexa said...

I can see both sides of this argument. Christop Waltz did such an amazing job in Inglourious Basterds that it's unwise to discount his opinion that acting isn't art...yet if someone else had played his role it would not have been the same 'art' at the end. He acknowledges this predicament, and I think that 'awareness' makes him a better actor. Mr. Cage seems to be more on the spiritual side of the fence...'channeling' through the 'cosmos' the 'music within.' If performance is art, then we are all living art, since every thing we say and do is a performance. I think it's impossible to set boundaries on what is and isn't art, considering that such perception relies on perception itself. We could no sooner measure consciousness in a lab setting.
But Stanley Tucci saying that art "must be truthful"...I'm not so sure about that.

Alexa said...

p.s. Christop+h