Sunday, September 21, 2008

"Ask him, if he is not a hobo, why does he have a bindle?"

Continuing on the theme of comic-related things that are good and you should read, here is Snake 'n Bacon's Cartoon Cabaret by Michael Kupperman. My copy was a b-day gift from my sister years ago, and now it's been passed around and dog-eared to the point of exhaustion. It's been a big influence on me in the field of semi-literate absurdist art, being that it is the most literate and most absurd.

It's a collection of his work ranging from one-panel comic book takeoffs:

To recurring strips following the well-spoken title characters ("Hssssss." "Wipe me with a paper towel to remove excess grease."), Roger Daltry's sex blimp, Twain and Einstein at the planet's core, and a belligerent Pablo Picasso threatening to break adversaries "into the leetle cubes!":

He's released newer material as Tales Designed to Thrizzle from Fantagraphics, but Snake 'n Bacon is the true perfect nugget of unstoppable hilarity.


Stephanie said...
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Warhol Superstar said...

'Stupid goddamn weather!'

That killed me....& 'Two Fisted Poe' as well. Hell, all of the examples were great. I can't believe I don't already own a copy of this.... I'm off to Amazon now to correct that.

Thanks--- E

Nosebot said...

Damn it--I knew I was going to regret throwing out my bacon costume! Andy talked me into it when we moved. But every year I keep thinking if only I had my bacon. I still have the snake. Amazingly no one who saw me got who I was. Or everyone got it and it just seemed too obvious to mention it.

Dyna said...

They're adapting it into a show on Adult Swim. And by "adapting it" I mean slavishly re-enacting it with puppets and David Rackoff.