Thursday, September 18, 2008


The concluding issue of All-Star Superman, issue #12, is finally out in stores. If you have no idea what I'm talking about or haven't read issues 1-11, don't buy it. Instead, order the first collection (issues 1 -6) right now, and pre-order the second (7-12). All-Star Superman is not really a retelling, not really a re-imagining, it is simply the best and most powerful version of the myth. If you are a human being drawing breath on this planet, you will like it.

Grant Morrison keeps every preposterous idea from Superman's silly history, ditches any irony or nostalgia, folds it back in a way that it becomes awesome, and plunks it into a larger story fueled on pathos, genuine humor, and hope. This is the thing that comes after Post Modernism.

Some for instances-- there's no longer a ridiculous giant key to the Fortress of Solitude:

Or how about Zibarro, the bizarro Bizarro?:

Morrison also has the best and most sci-fi-ingly elegant answer ever for the question "How come we don't see Superman stopping Hitler/9-11/some other real world problem?" Which I don't think I can succinctly explain, let alone spoil, here.

The art is also, um, the best. Frank Quitely gets flak for drawing purse-lipped mush-faces, but his layouts and sense of space make up for it just a little. If I have a child, I am painting this on the nursery wall:

Perhaps you read something in the news today that made you feel ill about humanity. Well, All-Star Superman is something clever and good that might make you feel okay.


Ming Doyle said...

I haven't been to a comic shop in so long, but I absolutely need to have picked this up yesterday. So exciting!

And I agree with you, you know. This is the material Hollywood should look at adapting, rather than continuing to labor under the intangible promise of a successful "reboot." Superman doesn't need to be rebooted. He's an absolute, like sunshine and outer space and adventure. He just needs to be told the right way, by people who have an appreciation for such things.

Also, way to spoil the conclusion in your post title, Brandon! SHEESH.

bbird said...

Now I'll spoil Smallville, too: LUTHOR NO LONGER A CHARACTER.

mordicai said...

It really was so, so good. I called "All-Star Superman" & "Immortal Iron Fist" the best comics of last year & well, I stand by it.

Ming Doyle said...

O:< !!!

Justin said...

It really is utter brilliance. Probably the best Superman story ever, definitely the best superhero story in years.

Nosebot said...

Hey, why not practice on Elliott's wall? Not to say his current lavender isn't ironically groovy. Or a deliberate mimesis of the threadbare.