Wednesday, January 21, 2009

SVU and I are going steady

I realized there was one Valentine I hadn't released as a folding card (Capt. Cragen), so I drew up four new images, and now there's a new set of five SVU cards, available here. There's a slight discount if you buy all three sets, and all Valentine orders will be sent Priority mail in the US (2-3 day delivery).

Sometimes I think maybe I'm running this "Law & Order" thing into the ground, but you know what? Fuck that, I love "Law & Order" so darn much. And Bob Saget probably needed to find his way into my ouvre somehow.

I've also added prints of this old GI Joe/Guernica bit of silliness:

I don't really know how I feel about this one. It was a commission, and I don't really like directly referencing famous art (too easy of a joke). But other people seem to like it, so here it is.

The poster/shirt megasale is still going on, and I've knocked a few dollars off mini-prints, too. And here's a link to Valentine art prints, since I'd semi-vertantly let that disappear for a while.


Elisabeth said...

amazing, as always.

D. Moe said...

Never never never stop doing Law and Order art.

Dana said...

Please don't stop with the "Law and Order" art. Also, I need more Chris Noth in my life. Make it happen!

The Storialist said...

The Law and Order stuff--brilliant!

I can almost hear the double synth-blasts "DUNH-DUNH"ing in approval.